Dealer Resolve is a Complaint Management Tool that helps your dealership manage complaints to ensure your consumers receive prompt personalized responses to their feedback.

The FTC released its CARS Rule at the end of December 2023, making it mandatory for all dealers to have a complaint management system in place.  

Besides boosting CSI, Dealer Resolve's tracking and reporting functions are an easy way to protect your dealership and avoid costly fines from state or federal regulators.

  • Easy-to-use platform
  • One central location to manage complaints
  • Preset legal responses for common issues
  • Dashboard with real-time complaint status updates
  • Tracks the complaint from start to finish
  • Prompt, personalized responses can increase customer satisfaction
  • Submissions can be anonymous or by name
  • Handles external and internal complaints
  • Categorizes, sorts and ranks underlying problems
  • Organizational visibility into what's really going on
  • Creates a "culture of compliance" through accountability in your store
  • Inexpensive, proven and effective tool


Introducing Dealer Resolve, your all-in-one solution for tracking and managing customer feedback from start to finish! Dealerships can effortlessly handle complaints, compliments, and feedback, ensuring every customer feels heard and valued. Consumers can access the system through a unique QR code or link available in your showroom, service department, and on customer paperwork. They'll receive email updates at every stage of the process, providing them with peace of mind.             

The Dealer Resolve complaint management tool triggers alerts to ensure timely responses for all complaints. Whether you're a compliance officer, finance director, GM, or in HR, Dealer Resolve empowers you to oversee complaints across more than 100 dealership rooftops. With custom reporting features, you can generate detailed reports on specific employees, complaint statuses, types, duration, and more, giving you the insights needed to maintain high standards across your organization.     

Resolve consumer complaints and enhance your dealership’s customer service! 

Dealer Resolve satifies the complaint reporting requirement under the pending FTC CARS Rule (Vehicle Shopping Rule).

  • Only one in 25 unhappy consumers complains directly to you.
  • 13% of unhappy consumers will share their complaint with 15 or more people.
  • Consumers whose complaints are handled quickly often turn into loyal customers.

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Dealer Resolve

Complaint Management Tool

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